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Blogging is absolutely awesome way to promote your business brand via Digital Marketing. Because apart from providing links for ranking purposes, this is one of the platform where you get to talk about the products and services you want to offer in a more detailed manner. Blog is now a very supportive and effective way to socialize any business in the field of Digital marketing.

Key to Success:

The key for the success of every business is direct contact with the customers. It is very important as you will get the positive feedback for your products and services spontaneously enabling you to adapt to the needs of your customers. Blog promotion is the best way of strategies to be linked with your customers. Blog promotions develop your position and maintain reputation of your business to achieve growth.

Generate website traffic with your blogs:

Easy way of Register your brand name in the readers mind is attained through blog promotion, from which you can optimize your website with potential keywords and generate more traffic and visitors to your website. Blogs plays vital role in driving more traffic to your websites and will keep your followers fully engaged with online presence. Blogging is a great opportunity to express your brand ideas. It also help improve a website ranking in search results.

Our Services:

Blackmount Digital Marketing agency in Chennai & hyderabad offers you a way to reach your buyers using quality blogs. We help you to inform and build awareness to people about the services and offerings you have for them using well-written and informative posts.

Our SEO Marketing experts in hyderabad helps in create design, build and maintain your company's corporate blog and thus helping you engage in a 2 way communication with your customers and prospects. We have exceptional expertise in launching and managing custom blogs that drive a constant traffic to your website. We help in customized blog designs to promote your business.

Our Blog promotion services in hyderabad create blog posting page by including new features to make user’s blogs more attractive. In this section we add video posting, news updating, image posting, link promotion and linked up with social networking sites to keep you engaged with your valuable customers.

We do:

  • Create up your blog
  • Customize the design and perfectly add it on to your website
  • Regular Post blogs to maintain fresh contents
  • Blog Strategy Development
  • Blog optimization
  • Blog’s feed management
  • Blog distribution
  • Blog Submission
  • Providing a complete report after submissions

Blackmount Blog Services includes:

Blog Creation:

Initially, we define the blog visually and select the appropriate design blog layout according to your business. Then our team of SEO bloggers in Chennai creates appropriate title and description that is based on targeted keywords within the blog. Then we create a relevant title and content that include the search engine targeted keywords. We embed main website links within the blogs to enhance in-bound links and page rankings altogether.

Our SEO and Blog promotion service experts in hyderabad enhance you to have a well-managed and Bulk-traffic post that engages your targeted audience. We give

  • Creation of unique layout
  • Content written by in-house blogging experts
  • Secure a domain name
  • Search engine friendly content
  • Consistent labels
  • Linking with domains
  • Video promotions

Blog Integration:

From our Blog Integration services, the blog is being integrated with most popular blogging platforms like Wordpress and Blogger. With our SEO blog promotion ideas, you can easily choose how effective you want to make your blog. Our Digital Marketing Services in Chennai, offer you templates and plug-ins of your choice to publish and promote your product and services.

Blog Marketing & Promotion:

Then your blog is promoted and well marketed through user's comments, comments approval and guest post requests. The blogs will promote internal pages of your website via anchored links. By our Blog Promotion and Marketing

  • Gain a wider audience for your services
  • Create fresh keyword centric content
  • Obtain inbound links for your website
  • Build Engagement

Blog Submissions:

The blog is submitted to various blog directories and search engines to increase visibility and accessibility of the blog by the users. Blackmount Blog submission makes your website more popular to enhance business growth.

  • Blog submission in almost all RSS feed directories, search engines and third-party
  • Social bookmarking in high reach websites
  • Putting relevant text links in all post
  • Blog commenting with other blog

Blog Maintenance:

Our blog maintenance services are mainly focused to see your blog management running without interruption and sharing blogs to increase popularity of your website. It is a cost-effective way to add new content to your website on regular basis, so that your website remains updated. This includes

  • Daily Updates of the blog with relevant and quality posts
  • Regular archives of the previous posts
  • Social media campaigns
  • Custom graphics for the posts
  • Respond to new comments.
  • Permanently delete all spam comments.
  • Use the sidebar to create value for visitors

Advantages of Our Blogging Services:

  • Increase in product exposure, improved customer interaction, enhanced company visibility
  • Developing Communication channels to your market
  • Maximize search engine visibility
  • Improve performance of Blogs
  • Improving Internal Communications
  • Creation of keyword rich content and images for blog that increase traffic
  • Providing effective replies and feedbacks on faster basis
  • Low cost marketing channel
  • Convert traffic to leads
  • Driving decent traffic to your site

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